Have you recently heard those four little words no guy is prepared to hear? “I think I’m pregnant.” Who knew those four words could cause so much fear in the heart of a guy? If your partner recently said those words, we have some help and advice for you.

Your Voice Is Important

Many men say they wish they had voiced an opinion on what happened to their child. Believe it or not, many women also said they wanted to know what the father of their child was thinking. Although it is not like most men to express their thoughts, now is your time to speak up. Here are a few things to think about:

  • Do not panic. By making this important decision together, you will have confidence that you did the right thing for both of you.
  • Verify the pregnancy at Women’s Resource Center. We provide free pregnancy testing as well as a free ultrasound. Get peace of mind knowing how far along the pregnancy is and if the pregnancy is viable.
  • Learn about your options. Our patient advocates are available for free options consultations. No matter what, no one should have to make this decision alone.
  • Listen to her feelings and share yours. Ask each other some important questions. “Are we ready to be parents?” “How do you feel about abortion?” “Would you consider making an adoption plan?” Be honest with each other.
  • Although our name may be Women’s Resource Center, it doesn’t mean we do not care about you. Schedule an appointment with us just to talk. We want to help both of you.

Your Responsibility

Although you may wish you could say, “This is not my problem. She needs to just take care of it,” that is not true. You are 50% of the equation, after all. You have a responsibility as a man, a partner, and a father. Talk with us. We can help you work through your fears, questions, and even anger. We are here for you.