Free and Confidential STD Testing and Treatment

To protect your reproductive health for the future, Women’s Resource Center of NE Wyoming tests for the two most common treatable STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea. These tests are free for clients who have had their pregnancies confirmed at our center.

Can I Get an STD if We Use Condoms?

The most common STD, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), is not preventable by contraceptives, including condoms. A woman may contract HPV regardless of the type of birth control she uses. Hormonal contraceptives, such as birth control pills, the shot, the patch, and the ring do not prevent STDs. Because these medications alter the female genital tract, her risk of contracting Chlamydia or HIV increases.

STDs are generally acquired by sexual contact. The organisms that cause sexually transmitted diseases may pass from person to person in blood, bodily fluids such as semen, or other physical contact. It is also possible to transfer these infections non sexually.

How Do I Know if I Have an STD?

It’s possible to contract sexually transmitted diseases from people who seem perfectly healthy but are not even aware of being infected. STDs have a wide range of signs and symptoms, but many cannot be detected early. As a result, they may go unnoticed until complications occur, or your partner is tested. We encourage you to have regular testing and treatment if you are sexually active. Citation: Mayo Clinic

Does Having an STD/STI Affect My Pregnancy Options?

When considering your pregnancy options, it is essential to know if you have an STD. Because abortion and birth are both invasive, an STD can spread into your reproductive organs and cause permanent damage.

Women who have an untreated STD are up to 25% more likely to develop Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) following an abortion procedure. It is crucial to be tested for STDs before making any decisions about the outcome of your pregnancy. Citation: Centers for Disease Control