Still in School?

This may not be the plan you had in mind for your life, pregnant and still in school. However, pregnancy does not mean you cannot continue on your journey. We understand your fear. No one can ever be prepared for this surprise, but you have got this. You still have options.

Hold Onto Your Dreams

An unexpected pregnancy does not mean you can no longer finish your education. In fact, your successful future depends on a good education. As a pregnant student, schools often work with you to modify your schedule if necessary. Keep your focus on graduating no matter what curve life has thrown you. You can have an exciting, beautiful future and still follow your dreams. You are just taking a detour. We also offer a college scholarship for single & parenting moms. Learn more here.

How We Can Help

First of all, the team at Women’s Resource Center wants you to know you are not alone. We are here for you, to listen, and to provide the services you need to get answers and take control of your life.

Because we know your life is crazy enough, we have provided free pregnancy testing, a free ultrasound, and the free options consultations you need to make the best decision for your future. Every test and every conversation we have will remain strictly confidential

Local Schools

Here is a list of local high schools and colleges. We have provided helpful directions to the Center from each.

Colleges and Universities